- Integrity, Innovation, Challenge -


We finally opened our first laboratory and started production based in Korea.
Its R & I will introduce innovative products based on natural and organic ingredients at the forefront of the global beauty market.

Through our commitment to R & I, our research will continue to expand our understanding of the numerous raw materials, product formulation, and established advantages and potential benefits associated with natural ingredients. DLUX PROFESSIONAL R & I (JLC) will always make the safest and most effective beauty products for all customers around the world.



The best researchers are researching and developing a wide range of products from basic cosmetics to functional and color cosmetics based on their existing technology, and are committed to providing people with unique formulations, efficacy, and effective cosmetic solutions based on natural and organic materials.


JL INTERNATIONAL has built a data base by fully understanding, feedback, and understanding the needs of various countries and customers, building production facilities and man power to control all processes from production and development to concept and design and transportation