Integrity, Innovation, Challenge -


Our commitment to scientific technology beauty items and create a more beautiful and better life
JLC focus on ingredients, innovation, and technological challange on all our beauty item that
has been our motivation on created an advnaced items than other competitors.

In 2020, we opened our laboratory based in korea and our all beauty items would allow us
to provide all our buyers with the beauty products and would lead to make a better life and health.
From now on our JLC's R&I would effort enable us to translate the natural and organic ingredients
and a rich ingrediants into innovative products from us at the forefront of the world’s beauty market.



Through our dedication to JLC's R&I, our research would continually expand our understanding of countless
raw materials, product formulations, and the established as well as potential benefits associated with natural ingredients or so.
JLC's R&I would always revolve al around our buyers globally ,
as it is their experience we seek to enhance by creating the safest and most effective beauty products.

For our focus on challange, innovation, and technological
In 2020, Finally we opened our first laboratory and start producing based in korea.
Own our technological innovation would allow us to provide the best item and
all our products in beauty industry to our buyers that we have motivated to develop by.

All our beauty items would help us lead the global cosmetics market from now on.
Our R&I efforts would lead us all our items to be the best in the world's with innovative products in our industry.
Our R&I will expand our innovated item beyong the beauty industry based in our understanding of all ingredients.
by creating the safest and most effective beauty products from now on and we will go through on our way.
The ultimate goal of our R&I is to help our buyers all around the world discover and amplify their inner beauty and life.




R & I will introduce innovative products based on natural and organic ingredients at the forefront of the global beauty market.


We are committed to creating a more beautiful and better life through our Integrity, Innovation and Challenge, support of the beauty.