Step into the world of artistic perfection and unparalleled beauty with DLUX Academy, an esteemed extension of JL International Group.

As a luxury lash brand that strives for nothing less than perfection, DLUX Professional, in collaboration with our skilled instructors from around the globe, is on a mission to nurture the finest lash beauty artists, propelling them towards international success in the beauty industry. Unleash Your Potential with an Optimized Lecture Curriculum
At DLUX Academy, we believe that excellence in lash artistry is the key to unlocking boundless opportunities. Our optimized lecture curriculum, thoughtfully curated by professional instructors from diverse backgrounds, ensures that our students receive top-notch training in the art of lash extensions.


Global Salon: Where Elegance Meets Transformation

Experience the epitome of beauty indulgence at Global Salon. Our skilled professionals curate beauty experiences that embrace individuality and elevate confidence. From lavish treatments to personalized consultations, Global Salon is your gateway to timeless beauty elegance.



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