We have held international beauty conferences every two years to share information on global beauty market trends,
latest trends, new business models, and to communicate with global beauty industry stakeholders and create networks.



The 1st Global Lash Extensions Conference in Korea



The 1st Global Lash Extensions Conference brought together lash artists, beauty enthusiasts, and industry experts from all corners of the world to celebrate the art of lash extensions.
Hosted by Dlux Professional, a renowned name in the beauty industry, the conference aimed to unite professionals and foster a global network of lash experts.
During the event, attendees were immersed in a plethora of activities, including: 🔹 Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Renowned lash artists and industry leaders shared their invaluable insights and experiences, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the latest trends and techniques.

🔹 Educational Workshops: With a focus on skill enhancement, participants were given the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops conducted by industry experts, honing their lash extension abilities to perfection. In this video, we've compiled some of the most captivating moments captured during The 1st Global Lash Extensions Conference in Korea.
Experience the excitement, inspiration, and camaraderie shared by lash artists as they celebrate their passion for lash extensions. Don't forget to hit "Subscribe" for future events and beauty tips! 🔔




The 2st Global Lash Extensions Conference in Japan



Let us extend our heartfelt thanks for the successful conference that took place in Korea in 2019.




The 3nd Global Lash Extensions Conference in Iran



We are super excited to attend The International Conference in Iran.
We'll be there for having a worthy time with DLUX PROFESSIONAL agency & versatile technician to talk about the latest trends of eyelashes and worldwide. We would appreciate it if you'll enjoy this conference.