Unlocking Beauty's Best: Dlux Professional Shines at Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2024 in Thailand

Get ready to dive into a world of beauty and innovation as Dlux Professional steps into the spotlight at Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2024, happening from June 13th to 15th in Thailand. With a dazzling array of offerings ranging from eyelash extensions and cosmetics to skincare essentials, Dlux is set to redefine beauty standards at this prestigious event. Join us as we explore how Dlux Professional is not just showcasing products but also offering unparalleled manufacturing services like OEM, OBM, and ODM, backed by its own manufacturing prowess at Booth E05 .


Dlux Professionall: A Vision of Beauty and Quality: Dlux Professional stands at the forefront of the beauty industry, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Specializing in eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, cosmetics, and skincare products, Dlux l embodies luxury and efficacy in every aspect of its offerings. With a dedication to quality ingredients and cutting-edge formulations, Dlux  ensures that every product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN: The Ultimate Beauty Showcase: Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN is more than just an event; it's a celebration of beauty in all its forms. As one of the most prestigious beauty exhibitions in the ASEAN region, it provides a platform for industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to come together and explore the latest trends, innovations, and technologies shaping the beauty landscape.

Dlux Professional's Offerings: From Eyelashes to Skincare: At Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2024, Dlux Professional will showcase its extensive range of products, including eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, cosmetics, and skincare essentials. From fluttery lashes to flawless complexion solutions, Dlux has something for everyone seeking beauty perfection. Attendees can expect to be dazzled by the quality, versatility, and efficacy of Dlux's offerings.

Manufacturing Excellence: The Dlux Advantage: What sets Dlux Professional apart is not just its product range but also its manufacturing prowess. Dlux offers a range of manufacturing services, including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer), and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a team of skilled professionals, Dlux ensures that every product is crafted with precision and care.

 Our Own Manufacturing Facility: One of the key highlights of Dlux Professional's presence at Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN is its manufacturing facility. Equipped with advanced technology and adhering to strict quality standards, Dlux's manufacturing facility is a testament to its commitment to excellence. By controlling every aspect of the production process, Dlux ensures that its products meet the highest quality benchmarks, from conception to completion.


Join Us at Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN: Don't miss the opportunity to experience the best of beauty and manufacturing excellence with Dlux Professional at Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2024.
Whether you're a beauty enthusiast, a seasoned professional, or a curious observer, there's something for everyone at this prestigious event. Mark your calendars for June 13th to 15th, at Booth E05 and discover the magic of Dlux Professional firsthand. See you there!
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