Introducing DLUX Academy: Empowering Lash Beauty Artists for International Success

Step into the world of artistic perfection and unparalleled beauty with DLUX Academy, an esteemed extension of JL International Group. As a luxury lash brand that strives for nothing less than perfection, DLUX Professional, in collaboration with our skilled instructors from around the globe, is on a mission to nurture the finest lash beauty artists, propelling them towards international success in the beauty industry.


Unleash Your Potential with an Optimized Lecture Curriculum

At DLUX Academy, we believe that excellence in lash artistry is the key to unlocking boundless opportunities. Our optimized lecture curriculum, thoughtfully curated by professional instructors from diverse backgrounds, ensures that our students receive top-notch training in the art of lash extensions.

A Global Platform for Aspiring Artists

Embark on a transformative journey with DLUX Academy as we bring together the world's finest instructors to share their expertise and knowledge. Our international platform opens doors to unparalleled learning experiences, enriching your skills and fostering your creativity.

Wings to Your Dreams: The DLUX Academy Advantage

From novices to experienced professionals, DLUX Academy caters to all aspiring lash beauty artists seeking to elevate their craft. Our commitment to excellence and passion for perfection ensures that every student's dreams take flight, soaring to new heights of success in the beauty industry.



Over the past decades, Dlux Academy has using the luxury lash brand that strives for perfection, Dlux Professional, to train the best professional lash beauty artists to achieve international success in the beauty industry. With an optimized lecture curriculum headed by professional instrcuctors from all over the world and our own skilled instructors, Dlux Academy will provide wings to your dreams.


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